Project Description

Project Brief

Extensive renovation.  The Owner required a quality control and assurance program implemented to document progress and deficiencies daily.

The Challenge

Minimize time to collect progress photographs, photographs of deficiencies and assemble as-built photographs.

The Solution

With Via-Virtual we are able to achieve all-in-one 3D reality capture.  Faster than LIDAR and more reliable than handheld 3D scanners Via-Virtual is able to replace thousands of photos with a complete document of your construction site at any point in time.  Our spaces are real 3D representations of your job site that let you virtually walk a job site at every stage of development. Replace thousands of site photos with a single set of immersive 3D Spaces for complete, efficient communication and long-term record keeping.

Conceptual Design Samples

The Skills Needed To Produce Brand Excellence


Capture measurements right from your Spaces to answer key questions.

In-Space Annotations

Via-Virtual posts let you anchor comments, questions, and more information right to points in your 3D Space so you can communicate in context.

2D Photography & 3D Data

Quickly grab 2D snapshots from your Spaces for improved clarity, or export colored point clouds.

Offline Access

Use Via-Virtual Spaces even when you have little or no WiFi connection with 3D Showcase for iOS, available on iPhone and iPad.